I'm (currently) an undergraduate studying Computer Sciences at IIIT-Delhi. I spend most of my time as a student pretending to like computer security, theoretical computer science and pure mathematics. I also daydream a lot (while I should be working) about writing the next greatest cyberpunk novel someday.

I do not write code very frequently; most of my work consists of some hacky scripts and poorly written infosec code. I don't consider myself a proficient programmer, but you may still click on the GitHub logo (header) if you want take a look at how bad the situation is my projects.

Non academic interests:

Two indispensable hobbies of mine are reading and writing. I consider myself a literature and philosophy geek, a fan of speech bubbles, onomatopoeia, cynical monologues, witty dialogues, of Japanese animation and young adult texts, and of verbose essays on existentialism.

When I'm feeling productive, I write character analyses, fabricate non-canon routes, and try to condense complex plots into simple, straightforward and (sometimes) long essays. Occasionally I write about philosophical pessimism, too.

Apart from reading and writing, I spend most of my time either playing video games (particularly CS:GO and Doom) or listening to progressive music.

My anime list, Last.FM scrobbles & Steam profile.

So when do I leave my room? Never When I feel like cycling, only that I live in the most polluted city in the world, so I try to confine myself within four walls (and a door) as much as possible.


Drop me an e-mail at: tr DOT vrma AT gmail DOT com

For those who prefer encrypted and (reasonably) secure communication.

I'm also quite active on Twitter.